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DoJ Thwarts Botnet Attack by Sofacy Group; ‘VPNFilter’ Targets SOHO Routers

DoJ has announced an effort to disrupt a global botnet of hundreds of thousands of infected home and office (SOHO) routers and other networked devices under the control of a group of actors known as the “Sofacy Group” (also known as “apt28,” “sandworm,” “x-agent,” “pawn storm,” “fancy bear” and “sednit”). The group, which has been operating… Keep Reading

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Body-worn Cameras Can Help Reduce EMS Errors

A pilot study has found that body worn cameras can help to reduce paramedic errors in pre-hospitalization documentation. Researchers studied Hennepin County (Minnesota) EMS paramedics, who were equipped with head-mounted BWCs attached to clear lens occupational safety glasses. After documenting each event from memory, paramedics then reviewed the video to make any corrections. The researchers, led… Keep Reading

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ICE Abandons ‘Extreme Vetting’ Technology

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials told tech-industry contractors last summer they wanted a system for their “Extreme Vetting Initiative” that could automatically mine Facebook, Twitter and the broader Internet. Keep Reading

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