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COLUMN: Emergency Managers Must Leverage Opportunities in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

It is an unsustainable moral hazard to continue rewarding dangerous behaviors that continue to stretch our nation’s disaster response and recovery mechanisms to the brink.

Get Your Paws on TSA’s 2022 Calendar

The calendar features the four-legged heroes of TSA with adorable photos of the canine officers alongside facts about the dogs and TSA itself.

NSA and CISA Publish Third Installment of 5G Cybersecurity Guidance

This latest guidance for 5G cloud infrastructures explains how to protect data in transit, at rest, or in use through the use of encryption, cryptographic keys, and secure protocols.
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Home Homeland Security Today
Home Homeland Security Today
Home Homeland Security Today

Ohio Launches Office of First Responder Wellness

According to Blue H.E.L.P., more than 940 first responders nationwide have taken their own lives over the last five years.
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CDC Revises Rules for All U.S. Arrivals to Protect Against Omicron

Beginning December 6, all air travelers, regardless of citizenship or vaccination status, will be required to show a negative pre-departure COVID-19 viral test taken the day before they board their flight to the United States.
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9/11 Never Forget Lessons Learned

As we look back today on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we are honored to have Chief Joseph Pfeifer join us for this special...
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Breaking Hate

From a onetime white-supremacist leader now working to disengage people from extremist movements, Breaking Hate is a "riveting" (James Clapper), "groundbreaking" (Malcolm Nance), "horrifying...


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CBP Facial Biometric Technology Detects Impostor Entering the U.S. in Blaine

The incident occurred when an officer detected a facial mismatch while processing a passenger in the bus terminal.
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Coast Guard Academy Alum Selected for NASA Astronaut Candidate Program

Douglas currently serves as a Space Systems Engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.
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DHS to Contractors: No Vaccine Mandate Enforcement in 3 States While...

Contractors and subcontractors with employees doing work in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee do not currently have to abide by the vaccine mandate.
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Nuclear Talks Resume and Iran Has Chosen to Play Hardball

If the talks in Vienna fail, the use of military force is on the table. Israel has issued clear statements that it will attack Iranian nuclear sites if the talks fail.
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Holocaust Denial Persists on Facebook One Year After Policy Change Banning...

Many of the links that were shared by known Holocaust deniers and antisemites were accompanied by antisemitic rhetoric.
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Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security Launches at University of...

ARLIS is one of just 14 university-affiliated research centers, or UARC, in the U.S. for the Defense Department.

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