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Cyber Attack at Hospitals in NJ Force Emergency Rooms to Divert Patients

The computer networks at two New Jersey hospitals were hit by a ransomware attack on Thanksgiving that impacted its sister hospitals around the country.
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Coast Guard, CBP Units Apprehend 12 Stowaway Migrants

Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection partners apprehended 12 stowaway migrants Saturday, during the escort of the tugboat Sarah Dann that was towing a barge...
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Thanksgiving Sunday Sets Air Travel Record

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that Sunday set an agency-wide record for the busiest air travel day ever. More than 2.9 million people were...

CBP: Leading the Charge for Global Interoperability with Vincent Annunziato

Join HSToday to discuss CBP's leadership in global interoperability with Vincent Annunziato, the Director of the Business Transformation & Innovation Division at CBP.
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White House Launches Interagency Task Force to Protect Veterans from Fraudsters

The Biden administration is launching an interagency task force this Veterans  Day to protect veterans and their families from a rise in scams. The White...
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HSToday Holiday Hero Mission Awardees: Protecting Federal, State & Local Communities

Each year, Homeland Security Today honors shining stars in the community who are making their own unique, invaluable contributions to advance the mission of...
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PODCAST: Our Borders Are Not Just a Linear Map

Matt Barger, director of S&T’s Maritime and Immigration Security Solutions Division, talks about how we’re safeguarding the nation’s borders and ensuring the safety and...
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WEBINAR: The Hate Next Door – Undercover Within the New Face of White Supremacy

Join HSToday to sit down with Matson and Tawni Browning to discuss his new Memoir: Undercover with the USA's #1 Domestic Terror Threat -...

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