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Antoine Andary

Antoine is a political communication and international affairs, counter-terrorism research fellow and intelligence analyst. Currently, he is the Vice-Chairman of the International Association for Political Science Students – IAPSS’s Research Committee on Conflict, Security and Crime. Formerly, he served as a counter-terrorism intelligence analyst at the Counter-Terrorism Group – CTG within the crime unit. Antoine is a research fellow at the American Counterterrorism Targeting and Resilience Institute (ACTRI), where he researches crime-terror nexus in the context of both militant Jihadi, terrorist groups and violent extremist in the EU. His research focuses on developing counter-terrorism ingenuity and capability on understanding the inducement of terrorists individual and organizations worldwide. He leads different research and information collection on the role of law enforcement and prosecution strategies in combatting extreme ideologies, specifically, vis-a-vis the Middle East and the European Region.
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