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American University School of International Service Disinformation Research Team

The authors - Matthew Castle, Shaunil Chokshi, Daniel Jativa, Fahad Mirza, Michael Pattullo, Stephen Rudd, and Geoffrey Wright - are a part of The School of International Service Disinformation Research Team, a team of graduate students from American University’s School of International Service who are working on themes related to disinformation and the 2020 elections process. Through its collaborative efforts, with the assistance of Professor Jorhena Thomas, the team works with government and private sector partners to identify, expose, and counter disinformation targeted to the United States populace. Team members have a range of backgrounds and expertise (intelligence, military, Capitol Hill, etc.) that shapes their approach to the topic. The work herein reflects the contributors' research, analysis, and viewpoints and is not reflective of any professional or other affiliations of the contributors.
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