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Chuck Brooks, President of Brooks Consulting International, is a globally recognized thought leader and subject matter expert Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies. He is Adjunct Faculty at Georgetown University in the Cyber Risk Management and Applied Intelligence programs. During his career, Chuck received two Presidential Appointments, and served an executive for several leading public companies. LinkedIn named Chuck as one of “The Top 5 Tech People to Follow on LinkedIn.” He was named by Thompson Reuters as a “Top 50 Global Influencer in Risk, Compliance,” and by IFSEC as the “#2 Global Cybersecurity Influencer.” He is also a Visiting Editor of Homeland Security Today.

PERSPECTIVE: Cyber Attack on Water Supply Is a Wake-up Call for State, Local Governments

, and

Imagine the consequences should your entire supply-chain network be taken down.

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How Data-Centric Security Solutions Thwart Insider Threats

First and foremost, encrypt the data to render the data useless even if it’s stolen or accidentally passed on.

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Protecting Energy Critical Infrastructure a Key Challenge for DHS

Risk management incorporates a “whole-of-society” approach and is a guiding path to pursue.

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Five Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Facilitate Public Safety Now

We’re on the cusp of a world where evildoers are flagged earlier and criminals are caught quicker – or can even be deterred from committing crimes by the knowledge that they will be caught.

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DHS State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Cybersecurity Task Force Tackles Preparedness, Mitigation

While federal and industry cybersecurity challenges have deservedly received much attention and funding to protect against cyber threats and hostile actors, state, local and tribal preparedness and mitigation efforts have been a much lower priority.

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PERSPECTIVE: Honor Native Americans’ Security Contributions with More Cyber Training

Engage tribal partners who have a strong, proven heritage of dedication to confront emerging threats.

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PERSPECTIVE: Leadership Role Suits DHS in Cybersecurity Evolution

DHS has had to step up assessing situational awareness, information sharing and resilience research and development plans.

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DHS S&T Showcases Innovation and Partnerships at RSA 18 Cybersecurity Conference

S&T has transitioned more than 75 cybersecurity technologies to market since 2005, with more on the way.

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