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Chris Gerritz

Chris is co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Infocyte, as well as a retired Air Force cybersecurity officer and veteran who pioneered defensive cyber threat hunting operations for the U.S. Air Force — standing up their first interactive Defensive Counter Cyberspace (DCC) practice. Infocyte is the result of Chris’ experience hunting adversaries within some of the largest and most targeted defense networks in the world. His experience building the U.S. Military's first malware hunting team provides him with an unmatched level of operational expertise and equips him with a highly refined perspective on how to tackle today's security threats. From a decade of military service, Chris draws on both leadership and deep technical experience serving in various roles such as cryptographic systems maintainer, cyber warfare officer and Air Force pilot. Prior to co-founding Infocyte, Chris served as the U.S. Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team's (AFCERT) first Chief of DCC Operations. In this role, he led a team of 28 operators tasked with finding, tracking, and neutralizing state-sponsored threats on the Air Force's $2B, 800k node enterprise network. He personally conducted and/or oversaw 350+ adversarial hunt, rapid response and threat engagement missions on networks throughout the world. Chris holds a B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Oregon State University.
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