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Christine M. Sarteschi

Dr. Christine M. Sarteschi, LCSW is an Associate Professor of Social Work and Criminology at Chatham University. She researches and teaches courses in behavioral science that cover a wide range of topics including human behavior, juvenile justice, mental illness and crime, cold case research, problem solving courts, mass murder, psychopathy, and extreme violent crime. Dr. Sarteschi has published over 30 empirical articles, and two detailed research monographs for SpringerBriefs Psychology, one called “Mass and Serial Murder in America” and the other entitled “Sovereign Citizens: A Psychological and Criminological Analysis.” She also has written articles published in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Just Security, Salon, New York Daily News, MedPage Today, New York Law Journal, The Legal Intelligencer, New Jersey Law Journal, and Texas Lawyer. Dr. Sarteschi’s work has been featured in a number of national and international news outlets and she has been quoted in The Associated Press, New York Daily News, Rolling Stone, USA Today, CBC, The Daily Beast, The IndyStar, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Boston Globe, among others.
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