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Dr. Cedric J. Sims
Dr. Cedric J. Sims is President and CEO of Evermay Consulting Group. Driven by strong dedication to public service, Dr. Sims has over 24 years of experience in acquisition, cyber security, and systems engineering applied to homeland security missions. He has served in key leadership and operational roles at federal and state agencies. In his last federal appointment, Dr. Sims established the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Program Accountability and Risk Management. As a lead executive in the Management Directorate, his efforts promoted better accountability of the $18 billion portfolio of DHS acquisition investments and matured the acquisition risk management process. Before joining DHS Headquarters, Dr. Sims served at the U.S. Secret Service. He continues his dedication to these critical missions through strong advocacy of public and private partnership.

PERSPECTIVE: Vacancies Handicap DHS Effectiveness

As our Homeland Security leadership prioritizes precious federal resources, we must ensure successful delivery to the mission.

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