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An Emmy-Award Winning documentarian, Christopher Allan Smith lived in Paradise, California, with his family until the Camp Fire consumed his home in November 2018. Since then, he has been conducting interviews and research into the history of the fire as well as the lessons taken by first responders, civilians, government officials and private disaster planners, with an eye toward producing multiple projects based on those lessons. He also acted as a Field Producer for Ron Howard’s REBUILDING PARADISE as well as the writer/director of the PBS broadcast documentary A HIGH AND AWFUL PRICE: LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE CAMP FIRE. He is the owner and founder of, a video production company that produces a wide range of documentary, promotional and online projects.

COLUMN: Be Ready to Communicate Like It’s 1950 When Disaster Strikes

Among the first things the Camp Fire destroyed in Paradise were key cell phone towers and relay stations.

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COLUMN: How to Navigate Disaster Amid a Firestorm of Bad Information

Verification takes time. As such, there will ALWAYS be an unclosable gap between good information and bad.

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COLUMN: Camp Fire Lessons – Keep Calm and Run for Your Life

This is the moment to rely on yourself and your preparation and get to work.

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COLUMN: Camp Fire Lessons on Planning for the Worst Case Imaginable

Unfortunately, some disasters make the need to escape much more urgent than our plans foresee.

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COLUMN: Disaster Is Coming, and Camp Fire Lessons Can Help You Manage and Survive

Ten miles from my front door in Paradise, California, a poorly maintained power line dropped molten metal into the brush.

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