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Danny W. Davis
Dr. Danny W. Davis is a retired Army lieutenant colonel. An infantryman, he spent most of his 20-year career with airborne, ranger, and special forces units. Since leaving the Army Danny has worked overseas in a US State Department sponsored training program, worked with teenagers in a Junior ROTC program, and done consulting work for the US Army in the homeland security enterprise. Danny joined Texas A&M University’s Bush School in 2007, where he is an associate professor, for terrorism, homeland and cyber security. He holds two degrees from Texas A&M, a bachelor's in history and a Ph.D. in education. His master's in international relations was earned at Troy State University. Danny is married to the former Mary Herttenberger of Abilene. They live on the Lost Dog Ranch near Dime Box, Texas.

Citizens’ Perceptions of the Risks Produced by Terrorism: A Predicator of Public Policy Outcomes?


In order to understand the risk perceptions of citizens we examined four significant domestic attacks, two terrorist actions and two violent crimes.

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