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David Pounder
David Pounder is the Director, Threat and Risk Analysis at Gate 15 and serves as an Information Security Officer for a leading financial organization. He advises on both physical and cyber security issues, and specializes in counterterrorism, force protection, and counterintelligence efforts.

3 Years After Pulse Attack, Threats Faced by LGBTQ Community During Pride Month

pulse orlando police pride

ISIS might target Pride celebrations around the world, and threats are not limited to international terrorism.

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What Faith-Based Organizations Can Learn from Christchurch Hostile Events Attack Cycle


HEAC is an eight-phase cycle which can define the process attackers go through before conducting an attack, whether this is formal or informal, or whether they know it or not.

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Terror of Tomorrow: What Organizations Must Know to Share and Prepare

From tactical shifts to the nefarious players to what all that propaganda means, awareness for ISACs and ISAOs.

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PERSPECTIVE: Spotting Pre-Attack Planning Indicators to Disrupt the Hostile Events Cycle

The success of the attack will be directly tied to the amount of planning and preparations made.

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