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Damon Reyes is a Global Security and Intelligence major with focuses on Chinese language and regional studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ. He also serves as an Associate Editor and contributing writer for Eagle Eye Intelligence since 2020. Damon began his internship for Homeland Security Today in 2021.

Climate Change Studies Reveal Deadly Effects of the Pacific Northwest Heatwave

World Weather Attribution (WWA) initiative, a collaboration team of diverse climate scientists in researching extreme weather events around the globe, has released a report on the impacts of the recent deadly heatwave in Pacific Northwest America.

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Federal Government Survey Finds Employee Satisfaction in How Agencies Dealt with COVID-19

Out of the 17 total large agencies, the Department of Homeland Security ranked last with an engagement score of 61.1. Of the department’s components, the United States Coast Guard ranked highest.

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St. Louis Fire Department Promotes Derrick Phillips to the Rank of Fire Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief Phillips will oversee operations as the Administrative Chief & Operations Deputy Chief for the A-Shift and coordinate the activities of battalions and captains of the fire department.

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