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Erin Mohres is a Director of Safety and Security at CNA, a nonprofit research and analysis organization located in the greater Washington, DC area. She has been working for or supporting state and local emergency management and homeland security programs since 2004. She started with Miami-Dade County as Logistics Chief and Community Preparedness Manager. She then served as Director of the City of Fort Lauderdale Emergency Management program. Since then, she has supported at least 50 state and local jurisdictions across the United States. Her focus areas include critical infrastructure and risk analysis, logistics, strategic and operational planning, training and outreach, and grants management. She has an M.A from the University of Miami and a B.A from the University of Illinois.

Ogden City Police Department Starts Low-Cost, High-Impact Radiological Safety Program

While the potential consequences of accidental misuse or even skilled weaponization would likely fall on a relatively small scale, it could still have significant impact to a local community.

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Palm Beach County Forges Plan to Cut Through the Chaos of Mass Shootings

Emergency managers decided they needed to create a Family Assistance and Survivor Care Center (FASCC) Annex.

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PERSPECTIVE: 3 Steps to Forging a More Resilient Critical Infrastructure Program

In addition to long-term aspirational goals, map out short-term micro-goals for organizational success.

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