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Godfrey Garner

Dr. Godfrey Garner holds a PhD in counseling psychology from Mississippi State University and is currently pursuing a second PhD at the University of Southern Mississippi. Following two tours in Viet Nam and a lengthy break in military service, Dr. Garner rejoined and eventually retired from 20th Special Forces group in 2006. He completed two military, and six civilian government-related tours in Afghanistan. His work in Afghanistan most recently has been as a counterinsurgency intelligence analyst. He is published in Homeland Security Today, Journal of American Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Journal on issues relating to Afghanistan. He is the author of the novels Danny Kane and the Hunt for Mullah Omar, Clothed in White Raiment, and The Balance of Exodus, as well as an upcoming textbook on the fundamentals of intelligence analysis published by Taylor Francis Publications. He is a permanent faculty professor at Mississippi College, as well as adjunct at Tulane University and Belhaven University, in Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.
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