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John Acton

On active duty, he served aboard USCGC Glacier, homeported in Long Beach, California, as an ice-qualified Deck Watch Officer and CIC Officer during cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica. Next he served as Commanding Officer, USCGC Cape Henlopen, a search and rescue patrol boat in Petersburg, Alaska, and then completed his active duty at Vessel Traffic Service, New Orleans. In the reserves, Acton has developed broad operational, logistic, interagency and joint military expertise as the commanding officer of six reserve units: including a vessel augmentation unit, a search and rescue unit, Port Security Unit 308 in Gulfport, Mississippi; and CG Reserve Unit SOUTHCOM in Miami, Florida. He also served at Marine Safety Office Tampa, Florida. Acton was recalled to active duty for nearly three years subsequent to the 9/11 terrorist attacks to serve, initially, as a CG Liaison Officer at U.S. Joint Forces Command and then as the CG Liaison Officer for the stand-up of U.S. Northern Command. As the Fifth CG District Chief of Staff, he provided oversight for the largest reserve mobilization since World War II, in support of Operations Noble Eagle and Iraqi Freedom. He finished his active duty on Secretary Ridge‘s operations integration staff at the Department of Homeland Security. During the Fall 2005 he was recalled as the senior CG Liaison Officer in support of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita operations along the Gulf Coast. In 2006, he was recalled as the Deputy Director of Operations (DJ3) at U.S. Northern Command in Colorado Springs. His final billet was Deputy Commander, Mobilization and Reserve Affairs, for the Coast Guard Atlantic Area in Portsmouth, Virginia. Acton is currently serving as the Director of both the DHS Presidential Transition Team and the Coast Guard Presidential Transition Team. John Acton is a Former Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard. His active duty for training assignments have included overseas evolutions in Turkey, Portugal, Germany and Korea; as well as coursework at the Naval War College, the National Defense University, the Army War College and Harvard University‘s Kennedy School.
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