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John Evans

John Evans joined Front Sight Protection with 20 years of experience in security, intelligence, counterintelligence, crisis management, critical infrastructure protection and executive protection for high profile clients. After retiring from the U.S. Government, Mr. Evans worked in the private sector as Manager for the Global Risk Intelligence Center at G4S and as the Strategic Intelligence Manager at Pinkerton’s Global Risk Group. In these roles he was responsible for all intelligence related operations and assessments as well as security/crisis management for operations globally. Prior to working in the private sector, Mr. Evans spent years with the U.S. government managing several national operations centers and managing operations both domestic and internationally. In these different positions, Mr. Evans also managed and led Special Events that included the Olympics, Pan American Games, Political Conventions, International Summits, Presidential funerals and more. Throughout his career, Mr. Evans has managed activities on six continents and produced intelligence assessments that captured threats at least a year prior to an actual attack occurring.
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