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John Tsoukaris

John Tsoukaris is the Field Officer Director (FOD) of ICE-ERO Newark, New Jersey, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He serves as the Director of the Newark Field Office, which consists of the entire State of New Jersey. In this position, he directs and maintains oversight of all immigration enforcement operations and activities throughout the state. He has been instrumental in developing outstanding partnerships and innovative public safety initiatives with law enforcement and prosecutors’ offices throughout the State, resulting in the identification, arrest, and removal of dangerous criminal noncitizens from the community. ERO Newark supports local offices of the FBI, USMS, DEA, U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the area’s major airports (Newark and JFK), as well as other ERO field offices with removal assistance. FOD Tsoukaris actively participates in outreach and public engagements in support of the ICE mission. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University, a certificate in Management Development from Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and a Certified Public Manager certificate from Rutgers University.
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