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Kairat Karmanov
Kairat Karmanov writes about different technologies for effective extraction of metals from poor ores and/or waste materials. He has been a well-respected leader in both the private and public sectors for over 15 years. He coordinated all the investment promotional programs of Kazakhstan government institutions from 2009-2017. Mr. Karmanov has authored a number of articles on Kazakhstan’s industrialization and the role of foreign direct investment (FDI) in it. He graduated from Eurasian National University in 2005 and completed his Master’s Degree in 2008 at Michigan State and Florida Atlantic Universities. Mr. Karmanov serves also as a consultant to foreign businesses anticipating entry to the Kazakh market. He and his wife Anar spent their free time with their children.

PERSPECTIVE: 10 Reasons Why New-Generation Mining Capabilities Need to Be Deployed Now

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Because of the unsatisfied needs related to REE and the urgency of these requirements, we believe it’s important to focus on the major reasons why these capabilities need to be explored in short order.

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