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Kalyna White
Kalyna White is the STEM Ambassador to the Board of Directors for Women in Homeland Security. She is the founder of LABUkraine, a non-profit organization that builds computer labs for orphans in Ukraine. Since 2011 she has worked with Women in Homeland Security to encourage middle and high school student to pursue STEM careers by organizing and supporting field trips to STEM missions throughout the homeland security enterprise.

How Can an In-N-Out Double Double Burger Save a Life? Not How You Might Think…

During a recent study break, my five girl friends and I piled into an Uber for a trip to the famous and beloved In-N-Out, a fast-food burger joint dotted all over California.

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McAfee Offers Free Help to Secure State Election Systems

The program focuses on protecting election data and will help ensure that cloud-based storage services housing voter data are properly configured.

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Alleged Venezuelan Assassination Attempt Underscores Domestic Problem of Weaponized Drones

As drones continue to proliferate, the counter-drone needs of American law enforcement and national security agencies will only grow.

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Cybersecurity Researchers Warn of Attack Against Urban Water Services

Researchers analyzed and found vulnerabilities in a number of successful commercial smart irrigation systems, including GreenIQ, BlueSpray, and RainMachine, which all enable attackers to remotely turn watering systems on and off at will.

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Tripwire Releases State of Cyber Hygiene Report, Identifies Where Organizations Fall Behind on Basics

Survey found that nearly two-thirds of the organizations admit they do not use hardening benchmarks, like CIS or Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) guidelines, to establish a secure baseline.

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Iraqi Refugee Charged with Attempted Murder of Colorado Springs Police Officer

Just months before Khammasi’s scheduled deportation date, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling in another deportation appeal.

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