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Kalyna White
Kalyna White is the STEM Ambassador to the Board of Directors for Women in Homeland Security. She is the founder of LABUkraine, a non-profit organization that builds computer labs for orphans in Ukraine. Since 2011 she has worked with Women in Homeland Security to encourage middle and high school student to pursue STEM careers by organizing and supporting field trips to STEM missions throughout the homeland security enterprise.

Coast Guard Partnership Honored for Helping Rescue the Hurricane Rescuers

While the U.S. Coast Guard and other first responders rushed to save 12,000 lives and direct the rescue of 50,000, and answered up to 1,000 calls per hour, 700 Coast Guard families lost their homes to the storms.

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DOJ Outlines Efforts at Human Trafficking Summit

The Justice Department has allocated over $47 million in grant money to support the victims of human trafficking and to train law enforcement.

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Women in Homeland Security Highlights ‘Victims in Plain Sight’


Since 2012, Women in Homeland Security has focused on human trafficking with awareness programs and interactive art projects to educate parents, professionals and the community.

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Expert Delves Into Real Face of Human Trafficking: Victims and Perpetrators

These are marginalized populations that are being abused and used. And they really don’t have a voice, and so they need somebody that can give them a platform.

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