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Lynn Mattice

Lynn Mattice is Managing Director of Mattice and Associates LLC, which specializes in enterprise risk management, intelligence, cyber, resiliency and security. Mr. Mattice is a Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Risk Management; a Senior Fellow at Auburn University’s Center for Cyber and Homeland Security; a Distinguished Fellow at The Ponemon Institute and Chairman Emeritus at the National Intellectual Property Law Institute. He also served on the Inaugural Advisory Board for the National Counterintelligence Center and was one of the lead private sector chairs on the Presidential Taskforce that created the National Industrial Security Program under President George H.W. Bush. Mr. Mattice is also President and Founder of the non-profit National Economic Security Alliance and is Founder and Program Chair of the Executive Summit Series forums. He previously served in senior executive positions at three major global corporations during his career. He has author numerous articles in a wide-range of periodicals on topics such as intelligence, economic espionage, cyber defenses and enterprise risk management. He has also been a contributing author to several books. Mr. Mattice is the recipient of numerous awards and citations from the government and the private sector.
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