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Marco Barreto, Jack McNamara, Paul Routhier, Tom Cellucci, and Jimmy Redmon

Marco Barretto, Vice President – Controls Div., Dillon Boiler Services Co., Inc., started his Mechanical Engineering career specializing in aerospace, federal licensed in powerplant and airframes gained many years’ experience with engines fuel systems and avionics. His Interest in aero-derivatives, power generation and steam moved him to start working with major boiler manufacturers in the steam production and efficient fuel handling on large steam power utility plants. In 2008, Mr. Barreto specialized in Electrical engineering , using PLC and automation controls and began work at Dillon Boiler Services in 2011, designing, implementing, and providing state of the art custom fuel handling and combustion controls for the industrial boiler industry. With several awards, Mr. Barreto is highly recognized in the boiler industry as well as in the aviation community as a Leader and at the forefront in technology. Jack McNamara, Founder and Board Secretary of UES and JPI², preceded with combat service in the US Navy, and since 1986, owner of Dillon Boiler Services in Fitchburg MA. After military service and college, Mr. McNamara began work as a mechanical engineer at Dillion in the mid-70s before acquiring the company, one of the most prestigious industrial brands along the East Coast, having continuously served customers since the turn of the 19th Century in the early 1800s. Mr. McNamara is recognized by several professional associations for advanced development of mechanical services, emissions management, and technical training aligned with community college and institutional programs. Paul Routhier, Founder of UES and JPI², preceded with combat service in the US Air Force and over forty- years of success in industry spanning several market verticals. Mr. Routhier has built, owned and operated, and later profitably divested nearly a dozen small to medium-size companies. Employing and providing technical training to hundreds of individuals, his companies have made a profound difference in the lives of communities across Massachusetts and broader New England. The Hon., Thomas A. Cellucci, Ph.D., MBA CEO and Board Member JPI, has been a senior executive in both the private and public sectors for over 43 years to include serving as the US Government’s first-ever Chief Commercialization Officer in the Executive Branch, working for both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. Today, he continues to assist the US President's team and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Dr. Cellucci holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania (1984), an MBA from Rutgers University (1991) and a BS in Chemistry from Fordham University (1980). He has authored or co- authored 29 scholarly books and over 438 high-tech business and peer- reviewed scientific articles, while also serving on 23 Boards. Tom has raised over $3.9B in public- private partnerships for the US Government and over $3.2B in the private sector. Jimmy Redmon manages JR Auto Tech LLC and Mco Truck & Equipment LLC in Dallas, TX. After serving with the 82nd Airborne on Fort Bragg, he pursued a career in the transportation industry, dealing with parts, maintenance, asset procurement and sales.
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