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Michael A. Coen, Jr.

Michael A. Coen, Jr., former Chief of Staff to the FEMA Administrator, serves as IEM’s Senior Homeland Security and Emergency Management Adviser, bringing 25 years of experience in state and federal government and 18 years in emergency management and disaster response and recovery. Coen has proven management and leadership experience and a track record of accomplishments in managing operations during times of crisis, leading organizational change, and building coalitions. During his tenure as FEMA Chief of Staff, Coen supported Administrator W. Craig Fugate in the management of disaster response and recovery operations and provided oversight for the Administrator’s recommendations to the President for major disaster and emergency declarations. He served as the primary liaison to the President’s National Security Council Staff for all matters relating to emergency management in the United States and helped lead response efforts to over 500 presidentially declared Stafford Act events, including the 2011 tornado disasters in Alabama and Missouri, Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Hurricane Matthew and the Louisiana floods of 2016. Coen also helped spearhead the agency’s strategic planning, programming, budget, and execution process linking the strategy to performance outcomes. Prior to his Chief of Staff role, Coen served as Counselor to the FEMA Administrator and Deputy Chief of Staff, where he provided guidance on strategic plans and policies and emergency management public policy issues. He led efforts to improve agency communications that resulted in an improved public perception of FEM. He also spearheaded a master facility planning effort that consolidated agency operations into a single headquarters complex which resulted in increased agency collaboration and efficiency. Coen has served in other emergency management and government roles throughout his career, including as Deputy State Coordinating Officer for the State of Louisiana providing technical support and assistance to communities affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. He participated as the senior State of Louisiana official within the disaster unified command organization, facilitated communications between Louisiana emergency management officials and national leaders, and fostered new approaches for addressing the significant unmet needs of Louisiana communities.
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