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Maha Ghazi is a research fellow at ICSVE studying the effects of ICSVE counternarratives in Arab countries, interviewing ex jihadists and working on issues of terrorist repatriation, rehabilitation and reintegration efforts. Maha is a Moroccan/ Egyptian Ph.D. candidate in University Mohamed V- Rabat (Morocco) in political and international studies. Her dissertation focuses on deradicalization programs in prisons, rehabilitation and reintegration of ex jihadist inmates. Maha’s Master’s thesis, with which she graduated with honors, analyzes the national strategies countering violent extremism inside prisons highlighting the Moroccan “Musalaha” program, launched in 2017. Maha Speaks Arabic (native: Classical, Moroccan, Egyptian and other dialects), English and French.

How Do Those Vulnerable to Terror Recruitment Respond to YouTube Counter-Narrative Videos?

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As the premiere video-sharing application, YouTube has been particularly useful to terrorist groups, including ISIS. As such, it has also been a target for counter terrorism efforts, namely the use of counter narrative videos to disrupt and refute the messages put forth by these groups.

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