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Phil Collins

Phil is the President and Founder of AMI Strategic Solutions, Inc and 461Church Defense Solutions. Phil has 30 years’ experience in corporate security, safety, and risk management consulting. Phil has worked as a program and policy writer, a corporate communications and conflict management consultant, including work as an independent national security analyst, and a director of safety / health in various theaters of business. Phil has also served as a Police chaplain and holds a CHPP (Certified Homeland Protection Professional) certification. He is a member of the Global Society of Homeland and National Security Professionals, in association with the National Sheriffs Association and the Homeland Security National Preparedness Consortium Phil’s work has extended into foreign theatres assisting individuals in protecting their personal, and viable assets on the ground, by providing training and consulting in situational – counter terrorism awareness, establishing security teams and personal security / safety awareness training. Phil specializes in security and risk management assessment, policy and program development and educational training. Two of his programs have been reviewed by DHS. Phil is also an Ordained minister with a major US denomination and has experienced firsthand, the emotions associated with an active shooter event and deployed the necessary response during such an event that occurred at a place of worship, where he was the senior pastor. Phil is also the founder of 461 CDS (Church Defense Solutions), a security and safety consulting firm, dedicated to assisting churches and places of worship with their security, safety, risk management needs and churchplace violence prevention.
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