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Phil Price
Phil Price is a multilingual writer and translator based in London, UK. A graduate of Oxford University, Phil went on to hold senior management positions in several major British and German companies, and spent time living and working in Germany and Poland as well the UK. For HSToday, Phil reviews the latest findings from academic research and international studies into all aspects of international terrorism and presents the key trends and insights.

Does ISIS Have a Lone Wolf Network Across the Globe?

IS started systematically encouraging lone actor attacks in the West in 2016. Sometimes communication was controlled, and credit claimed centrally.

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Mujahid and the Mob? Overlap Between Terrorism, Organized Crime Offers Counterterror Opportunity

The more that a terrorist organization becomes known for criminal actions, the harder it can be to retain legitimacy in the eyes of their followers.

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Are Program Personnel Trained to Counter Violent Radicalization?

The number of counter-radicalization and deradicalization programs has surged in recent years. These are aimed both at prevention among communities and individuals.

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Study Suggests Those Convicted of Terrorism Offenses Less Likely to Reoffend After Release

The demographics of the convicted terrorists studied were almost identical to the apolitical prison population in the U.S.

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How ‘Call of Duty’ Is Transformed Into a Call for Jihad

Adopting the look, feel, and familiar themes of video games speaks in an engrossing way to the group that ISIS and their imitators are trying to reach.

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ISIS Media War Continues with a Consistent, Structured Strategy

isis west africa video

Material produced often includes information on how to commit terrorist acts. This can range from knife and car attacks to complex operations like bomb-making and hostage-taking.

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Ideological Infighting in ISIS May Lead to Terror Group’s Undoing

“The relative extremists became resentful of the official position… while the relative moderates became upset with him for tolerating the extremists.”

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Who Joined ISIS, and How to Prevent New Members from Signing Up

There were career options: ISIS offered fighters $300 per month salary as the going rate, but with additional benefits ranging from cell phones to cars.

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