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Rukaya Mohamed

Rukaya is a research fellow at the American Counterterrorism Targeting and Resilience Institute (ACTRI), where she researches the potential impact of Kenya-Somalia political tensions and COVID-19 on violent extremism in Kenya and Somalia, as well as exploring disengagement and rehabilitation efforts aimed at al Shabaab in Somalia. Rukaya has engaged in research and CVE efforts in East Africa and the Middle East, working on projects that address the gendered dimensions of violent extremism, socio-economic exclusion, and unequal development. She has also done monitoring, evaluation, and policy design aimed at empowering marginalized groups. Rukaya also worked in Countering Piracy in the Horn of Africa (Doha, Qatar) in 2016. She obtained her Master’s degree in Foreign Policy and Diplomacy and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. She co-authored, ‘Violent Nonstate Actors in Somalia: al- Shabab and Pirates’, in Violent Radical Movements in the Arab World.
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