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Raymond L. Newkirk

Raymond L. Newkirk, Psy.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Th.C. is a strategic systems pioneer. He is an award winning and credentialed executive having earned advanced degrees and certifications in several disciplines including the Ph.D. with Distinction in Systems Science under Bela Banathy. Dr. Newkirk is a specialist in Insider Threat Prevention for Cyber Security Excellence focusing on the Design of Strategic Enterprise Architectures for Cyber Security and Strategic Value Based Management. His professional background in the Insider Threat Prevention, industrial innovation and technological versatility includes a distinguished career in management, consulting, speaking, executive development, and writing. He has presented the Keynote Address to audiences around the world. Upon his visits to Europe, the press frequently interviewed Ray about management issues and technology innovation. Dr. Newkirk is an experienced executive having served successfully in diverse industries. He also enjoys an extensive entrepreneurial background. He is the Founder and CEO of Systems Management Institute and served as COO of Mindmaker, a leading A/I development start-up winning “Best of Comdex” two years consecutively. He was a Senior Fellow of the Monterey Bay Management Group. Among other appointments, Ray earlier served as President and Chief Operating Officer of P.Q. Information Group, b.v. the Netherlands and as President of the International Association of Information Management. Working at the highest levels of business and government, Dr. Newkirk led significant initiatives in the Middle East, for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Far East, for the office of the President, Republic of the Philippines. He has completed significant engagements for Bank of America and Dell Computers where his projects introduced the C.O.R.E. banking paradigm and contributed to Dell’s revenue growth from one billion dollars to more than eighteen billion dollars in three years. In 1992, the Chairman of the CNN World Business Development Congress in Washington D.C. invited Dr. Newkirk as a VIP Priority Guest to discuss solutions associated with emerging technology in the Third World. In 1991, the Scientific Advisor of the National Academy of Sciences invited Dr. Newkirk to participate as a visiting Ambassador in Business Development and Technology Transfer to the Soviet Union. Dr. Newkirk has been invited to participate in other important international development conferences in Cairo, Egypt and Oxford, England.
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