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Stephen Kovac

Stephen Kovac is Vice President, Global Government, Head of Corporate Compliance at Zscaler, Inc. Stephen has responsibility for overall strategy, productizing, and certification of the Zscaler platform across all global governments. He also runs the global compliance efforts for all of Zscaler. His primary focus over the last years is FedRAMP, TIC/MTIP Policies, and ZTN for Federal. Under Stephen’s leadership, Zscaler became the first FedRAMP certified ZTN Platform and Secure Web Gateway. He is a 27-year veteran of the information technology and security industry with extensive experience in public sector and compliance. Prior to Zscaler, Stephen served as EVP of Strategy and Public Sector for VAZATA, a FedRAMP certified cloud provider. He also served as VP/CSO for BT Security, Vice President at Terremark Federal, a Verizon Company, and as Vice President of Verizon Public Sector. Mr. Kovac is a frequent speaker on the federal circuit, blogger, and highly quoted author on federal security and certifications.
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