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Sean MacKirdy

Sean MacKirdy is AVP, SLED Sales, at Elastic. With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Sean began his career in software development, UNIX systems administration, and high-performance computing at Silicon Graphics, before transitioning to Cisco where he spent nearly two decades in sales and sales leadership. During that time, Sean served the U.S. public sector market for 12 years and worked abroad as part of Cisco’s Emerging Markets Group for six years. After leaving Cisco, he served as Vice President of Digital Transformation at Advanced Network Management, Sales Director for the U.S. Air Force and COCOMs at Splunk and, most recently, Sales Leader for the U.S. DoD at Cohesity. This year, Sean joined the Elastic team where he now serves as Area Vice President of SLED Sales, with a speciality in the areas of predictive analytics, AI/ML, and data fusion.
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