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Monday, March 27, 2023

Scott Mulligan and Dr. Richard Lareau

Scott Mulligan currently serves as the Director for the US office of LAM LHA LLC, a security advisory firm specializing emerging security technology and security processes. Prior to this, Scott served in the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a senior executive with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). His most recent role before leaving government was as the Assistant Administrator for TSA’s Office of Inspection. In this role, Scott was responsible the testing and evaluation of transportation security systems both publicly and privately held. Through this work Scott drove changes to some of the most cutting-edge security technologies and processes including checkpoint and cargo screening equipment, identity and credential authentication technologies and Advanced Imaging Technologies. His work also tested and addressed emerging security challenges for transportation security including cybersecurity and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). During his time, Scott also launched TSA’s joint testing programs with a broad coalition of the US’s international aviation partners in order to drive reciprocal security agreements worldwide. Scott began his career as a criminal and regulatory attorney for the U.S. Army’s Judge Advocate Corps, the Department of Justice and the TSA. As a regulatory attorney for TSA, Scott has a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks both domestically and internationally. Other roles include serving as the Executive Director for legislative affairs with the US Congress’ Office of Compliance. All of these former roles give Scott an unparalleled ability to help clients navigate the regulatory and legislative hurdles associated with complex security issues. Mr. Mulligan holds a Juris Doctorate degree from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, as well as a master’s degree in Homeland Security Studies from the United States Naval Post Graduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense and Security. Dr. Richard Lareau is the Principal of Lareau Consulting Services. He was previously the Chief Scientist and Applied Research Division Director at the Transportation Security Laboratory, DHS S&T. His expertise includes explosives and illicit drug detection RDT&E, as well as general analytical chemistry in the greater CBRNE detection areas. He also worked with US multiagency and International experts on a variety of detection programs. Dr. Lareau was U.S. DOD CTTSO/TSWG CBRNE Subgroup Chair and advisor for over 10 years. Prior to his 18+ years with DHS, Dr. Lareau worked the first half of his Federal career as Senior Scientist for the US Army Research Laboratory, as an electronic materials analyst/specialist.
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