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Scott Tousley

Scott Tousley is Strategic Development Director for IT Cadre, a business management consulting company focused on innovation & transformation, based in Ashburn, Virginia. He is a retired Army Corps of Engineers officer, both a graduate and faculty from West Point, and holds an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M and a Master of Arts, Strategy from the US Army’s War College, and CISSP and PE licenses. Most of his professional work has involved complex systems engineering, homeland security and cyber and critical infrastructure security. Most recently Scott was Splunk Public Sector Senior Executive for Cyber Programs, focusing on emerging Splunk capabilities around Critical Infrastructure, Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence applications and capabilities. From 2010-2018 he was Deputy Director, Cyber Security Division, DHS Science & Technology where he helped lead the cyber security research division for DHS, DHS’s involvement in Smart Cities and Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) research, and multiple areas of Internet of Things and Industrial Control Systems RDT&E. Scott has held other leadership roles research, academia and the private sector, including Cybersecurity PM/Senior Scientist at MITRE; VP at a technical startup (Logos Technologies); Network Operations Security at the Genuity ISP; Chief, Watch/Warning Unit, FBI/National Infrastructure Protection Center; Operations Directorate, Joint Chiefs of Staff; and Deputy Director, U.S. Threat Reduction Office (Moscow). Scott also currently supports several professional organizations, including membership in the Transportation Research Board; supporting the Cyber Solarium 2.0 project; a board member of the Industrial Control Systems ISAC organization; and participation in the NIST Global Cities Technology Challenge organization (GCTC).
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