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Todd Bensman is the Center for Immigration Studies' Texas-based Senior National Security Fellow. He is the author of the forthcoming book "America’s Covert Border War: The Untold Story of the Nation’s Battle to Prevent Jihadist Infiltration," due in February 2021 from Bombardier Books. Prior to joining CIS in August 2018, Bensman led homeland security intelligence efforts for nine years in the public sector. Bensman’s body of work with policy and intelligence operations is founded on more than 20 years of experience as an award-winning journalist covering national security topics, with particular focus on the Texas border. In 2009, Bensman transitioned from journalism to join the Texas Department of Public Safety's Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division, where he managed teams of intelligence analysts that worked in concert with federal homeland security and U.S. Intelligence Community agencies to identify and mitigate terrorism threats. From the State of Texas fusion center for nine years, he designed and directed collection operations that fed into the Intelligence Community and prompted or advanced federal counterterrorism investigations. Among his original programs was a specialized effort to help federal partners disrupt human smuggling networks transporting migrants to the U.S. land border from countries where Islamist terrorist organizations are active. Prior to his government experience, Bensman worked on staff for The Dallas Morning News, CBS, and Hearst Newspapers, covering the FBI, federal law enforcement and serving on investigative teams.

PERSPECTIVE: Striking at Smugglers of Migrants Who Potentially Pose National Security Risk

The recent government moves against the Abid Ali Khan human smuggling network represent the latest salvo in an ongoing homeland security effort to combat jihadist border infiltration.

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PERSPECTIVE: Texas Responds to the Border Crisis

The rafts filled with women and children started crossing the Rio Grande and landing on the Texas bank after night fell, in the immediate vicinity of the Roma-Ciudad Miguel Aleman International Bridge.

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PERSPECTIVE: Inside a Cartel Smuggling Operation into West Texas

Nine Central Americans filed from a Mexican customs building and out onto the street with no food and no plan.

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PERSPECTIVE: Migration Overwhelming Once-Quiet Big Bend Sector

Under the international bridge connecting Mexico to Presidio, Texas, a human smuggling guide snorted cocaine with a buddy and two prostitutes – the chosen rewards earned from leading a large group of Central American immigrants on a long backpacking journey to new American lives.

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PERSPECTIVE: America’s Covert Border War and Special Interest Aliens

BOOK EXCERPT: On March 10, 2011, HSI investigators at the Miami International Airport closed the books on the final chapter of a long, high-wire war-on-terror investigation.

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PERSPECTIVE: ‘Extra-Continental’ Migrants Throughout Americas on Their Way Toward Southern Border

Late last month on Integration Bridge, which spans a Peru-Brazil river border crossing, a U.S.-bound migrant caravan of perhaps 400 repeatedly clashed with militarized border police determined to enforce a coronavirus closure.

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PERSPECTIVE: Coronavirus Patients from Mexico Crossing Border and Straining U.S. Hospitals

In late October, the El Paso television station KFOX-14 aired video of fire department ambulances lining up at the international bridge picking up COVID-19 patients who had just crossed from Mexico and driving them to hospitals, the ones now filled to crisis proportions.

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PERSPECTIVE: Will Another Mass-Migration Tsunami Swamp the Southwest Border?

The impact of just-concluded national balloting likely will be felt soon along the U.S. southern border. A significant swell of illegal immigration from Mexico, Central America, and also from troubled countries around the world, is predicted.

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PERSPECTIVE: Proposed Changes to Student Visas Would Help Combat Espionage and Terrorism

Foreign students and exchange visitors from 59 countries would no longer be able to stay inside the country indefinitely without occasionally checking in with American authorities. Why these limits and why now?

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PERSPECTIVE: Where Is American Strategy Headed on Returning ISIS Fighters?

A former ISIS fighter who survived for years with the terrorist group in Syria has pleaded guilty to terrorism charges back in Texas and is likely headed to prison for a long time.

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