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Todd Helfrich

Todd Helfrich currently serves as Vice President of Federal at Censys, where he is responsible for all federal government go-to-market activities. He has 25 years of experience on the front lines of cybersecurity, having advanced a wide range of cybersecurity solutions across industry that protect commercial and federal government enterprises. Prior to joining Censys, he served as the Vice President of Federal for SentinelOne Identity/ In this role, he and his team supported industry mission partners across the government by reducing the identity attack surface and deploying active cyber defense capabilities empowering cyber operators. He advises innovation technology partners and serves as an Ambassador to CyVersity which is a non-profit organization focused on increasing diversity and inclusion within the cybersecurity industry. Additionally, he has supported the AFCEA Cyber Committee which is a volunteer group of public and private sector information technology and security experts which fosters collaboration between government and industry.
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