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Tom Cellucci
Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Cellucci has been a senior executive in both the private and public sectors for over 36 years. He served as the US Government’s first-ever Chief Commercialization Officer after selling his fourth high technology firm, working for both President George W. Bush and President Obama. Thomas is a turn-around artist on Wall Street and serves on many global Boards. He also currently assists President Trump’s team when asked. Thomas has authored or co-authored 25 scholarly books and over 211 high-tech business articles. Cellucci earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania (1984), an MBA from Rutgers University (1991) and a BS in Chemistry from Fordham University (1980). He is on 21 Boards and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Virginia International University near Washington, D.C., as well as Chairman of Eurasian Technological University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He holds two endowed Chairs at prestigious universities in Kazakhstan, as well as taught at Harvard Business School, Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania. He and his wife Julie spent their free time with their large amount of children and grandchildren.

How to Move Technology Into DHS Faster

border patrol technology otay mesa

Our tech foraging specialists needs to be opportunistic and look for novel moments such as dual-use innovations.

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PERSPECTIVE: Realizing a Wall Through Requirements Articulation

At every step of product development, it is critical to understand and meet user needs.

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PERSPECTIVE: Link Public and Private Sectors to Let Water Security Innovation Flow

It’s increasingly important for the public sector to make wise investments as most government agencies lack funds.

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PERSPECTIVE: Innovative Public-Private Partnerships Help Secure Critical Infrastructure

The real challenge for officials is to work as a group to prioritize and articulate unsatisfied needs of their regions.

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