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Wayne Esser

Wayne Esser, Founder and Managing Partner for Blue Ocean Advisory Group, LLC, has over 35 years of success in Federal contracting. He formed Blue Ocean in February of 2019 to provide advisory services in the areas of management and strategy development, capture and proposal development and technology use as well as consulting on strategic growth. Prior to Blue Ocean, Mr. Esser was President of Chenega Security International were he started and ran the Electronic Security Systems line of business since 2013. Mr. Esser had been with Thales Security and Defense since 2008 as V.P. Homeland Security. He was responsible for the development and execution of a strategy to establish Thales in the U.S. Homeland Security market. Before retiring from Boeing in September 2008 Mr. Esser was director, Boeing Security Solutions on the Secure Border Initiative (SBInet), for Boeing Integrated Defense Systems. He was also the capture manager for the SBInet program, one of the largest contracts awarded by the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Esser has been in homeland security since 9/11 starting with DHS’s Explosive Detection System deployment as a member of the program management team for Boeing. His earlier career includes management of Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs.
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