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Wayne Willis

Wayne Willis, Founding Partner and Executive Chairman of HWC, has served as the Executive in Charge for HWC’s support to the BioWatch Operations Support Contract since 2013. The BioWatch Program provides air monitoring, analysis, notification procedures, and risk assessment to 30+ jurisdictions. BioWatch involves a large network of stakeholders from public health, emergency management, law enforcement, laboratory, scientific, and environmental health organizations around the country who collaborate to detect and prepare a coordinated response to a bioterrorism attack. An environmental scientist by training, Mr. Willis is particularly interested in the intersection of technical and human systems. He has experience with formal social network analysis and its application to preparedness and resilience for natural and man-made disasters. During HWC’s tenure with the BioWatch Program, he has observed the value of this intersection first hand and overseen the associated increases in efficiency and program success.
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