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Today’s Sophisticated Data Breaches: Why EINSTEIN Is Not The Answer

In today’s cyber world, the unfortunate reality is that breaches happen. The government and other organizations need to accept that fact and adjust accordingly. But things aren’t always that simple, and denial is often the first sign of a problem. A perfect example of this is the continued promotion of the EINSTEIN Program for cybersecurity.… Keep Reading

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Getting Ahead of the Impact: Emergency Preparedness Key to Biodefense

The more prepared we are, the faster and better we will respond. Of course, budgets are finite and we cannot possibly prepare for every contingency. Prudent emergency managers, therefore, often first consider the threat and use that assessment to drive allocation of preparedness dollars. Many of them have recognized that the biological threat fromnature and… Keep Reading

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Biometric Solutions: Are They Really Bolstering Border Security Efforts?

Imagine for a moment that you can quickly pass your hand in-between two screens and within seconds have your full identity and background laid out in front of a US government agency. Or, that you can painlessly gaze into a machine’s touchless ocular device and have the same thing happen. This is the fundamental nature… Keep Reading

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Breaching the Border? Southern Border Remains an Avenue for ISIS

In his report, Jihadists at the Door, in the December/January 2016 issue of Homeland Security Today Magazine, Todd Bensman reports America’s counterterrorism efforts to prevent terrorist infiltration of America’s land borders has fallen short of legislative expectations, and its effectiveness is only rarely audited or assessed. The unsettling truth is the southern border – in particular… Keep Reading

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