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America’s Covert Border War

This 13-year work of journalism reveals, for the first time, secret (ongoing) border security operations that America built after 9/11 to prevent terrorist infiltration mainly over the southern border with Mexico. The book reveals how these long-lived covert programs on the southern frontier and throughout Latin America have apprehended multitudes of dangerous jihadists and so far prevented attack but also why they’re suffering the effects of denial-related neglect at a time of escalating risk.

Americans concerned by unchecked global migration, porous borders, and national security will feel surprised to learn that thousands of migrants from the Islamic world breach the U.S.-Mexican border each year, despite widespread media insistence that these long-haul travelers are imagined, as are the hardened jihadists caught among them each year. This is an intelligence world insider’s untold story of the ambitious and intrigue-laden covert American counterterrorism programs built after 9/11 from the U.S. border to the tip of South America. These programs were created to protect Americans from a supposedly notional infiltration threat that has been killing and wounding thousands in Europe in recent years. The surprising conclusion: the American effort has prevented attack on the homeland so far, shielding an unknowing nation from the migrant-jihadist bloodshed Europe has suffered as a result of organized terrorist border infiltration that began in 2015 and have continued since.

But how much longer can these programs keep America safe from the same threat without the public recognition that they exist, and the care and attention that they deserve? This geographically sprawling counterterrorism enterprise — the last unrevealed one from the 9/11 era — is suffering from denialism and neglect at America’s peril…just as Europe was before its 2015-to-present calamity with mass migration from the Islamic world. It has not kept pace with an evolved human proliferation threat tied to global migration flows of volumes not seen since World War II. But this book is much more than revelation and complaint; it provides solutions for the nation’s leaders to better protect America from this unusual border threat.

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