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Daily Briefings Newsletter – Border Security (WNB – Border Security today)


CBP Asks Industry’s Help Protecting Agents from Toxic Wastewater from Tijuana

A group of local governments sued the federal government for failing to stop the repeated discharges of polluted water into the valley, a San Diego newspaper reported.

CBP Enters Roiling Cloud Market as DOD Slashes $950 Million Migration Deal

Oracle protested the REAN award on Feb. 20, calling it “an egregious abuse” and “shrouded in secrecy” and charging that REAN “serves as a front for AWS” creating a conflict of interest.

‘We Have Hit Our Stride’: Zukunft Delivers His Last State of the Coast Guard Address

"When I take a look back, not long ago, our piers were chock-full of tired and aging cutters," commandant said. "Today, you’ll smell fresh paint."

Homeland Security Department at 15 on ‘Strong and Steady Course’

Pence told the attendees the American people are grateful to DHS employees. “You’ve considered the people of this country more important than yourself," he said.

CBP Lacks Software to Verify E-Passport Chip Data, Senators Say

A skilled hacker could alter the data on an e-Passport chip — like the name, photo, or expiration date — without alerting a border agent, say experts.

DHS Launches Efforts to Protect Government, Commercial Supply Chains

P&G will donate testing devices to verify the authenticity of its products, helping CBP officers and trade specialists reduce the possibility of counterfeit goods entering the U.S.

2019 Budget: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Requests $8.82 Billion

ICE requested $511.1 million for contract/chartered flights and commercial airlines for removals of illegal immigrants.

Senior ICE Lawyer Admits Stealing $190,000 Using Immigrants’ IDs

All seven of the people whose identities Sanchez stole were in immigration removal proceedings.
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