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Daily Briefings Newsletter – Public Health Preparedness (WNB – Responders Today)


Interior Battles Disasters With Hand-Me-Down Drones

"We got some of these drones still in the shrink-wrap from the manufacturer because DoD had already moved on to the next one,” said Interior official.

FEMA Ended $156 Million Contract With One-Woman Company for Puerto Rico Meals

FEMA "inexplicably" awarded Puerto Rico contract to "a tiny, one-person company with a history of struggling with much smaller contracts," legislators wrote.

Beleaguered Healthcare Cybersecurity Center Gets New Chief

HCCIC might add to industry confusion caused by overlapping and duplicative federal cybersecurity rules and alerts, senator suggested last year.

Crisis-Driven Policies and Technology Choices May Erode Cyber-Resilience

Report recommends governments make cyber policy using an ongoing iterative process in place of one that is "ad hoc and crisis-driven" and produces "patchwork legislation.”

FEMA Not Ending Food, Water Aid to Puerto Rico After All

Local FEMA officials mistook the date used in a planning exercise for a date on which aid would cease, says agency spokesman.

DHS Offers Outreach Opportunities to Small Business Vendors

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) currently provides monthly opportunities for small business vendors to meet with DHS procurement offices as well as various...

House Passes 17 Sweeping Bipartisan Bills to Enhance Homeland Security

Assuring that the “House Committee on Homeland Security continues its efforts to shield the homeland and protect Americans right out of the gate in...

DHS Faces Major Management, Performance Challenges IG Says; Sec. Responds

While the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has made “significant progress … over the last 3 years, continues to face long-standing, persistent challenges...
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