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Crisis-Driven Policies and Technology Choices May Erode Cyber-Resilience

Report recommends governments make cyber policy using an ongoing iterative process in place of one that is "ad hoc and crisis-driven" and produces "patchwork legislation.”

FBI Leadership Communications on Comey Firing Contradict White House

John Bennett, special agent in charge in San Francisco, wrote at the time, “These events are hard to hear and harder to comprehend.”

Fifth CR to March 22, 1-Year DACA Extension In Play as Contractor Concern Mounts

Continuing resolutions are costing government suppliers money, and planning for the budget stopgap measures and foregone hiring sap current funds.

First OASIS Contract On Ramp Adds 31 Small Accounting and R&D Firms

Awards went to companies in accounting, tax preparation and social science and humanities research and development.

ICE Operation Seizes Over $15 Million in Counterfeit Sports Merchandise

Agents targeted retail outlets, street vendors and flea markets to identify and seize contraband items, including fake jerseys, hats and cellphone accessories.

Why ISIS is Giving Vegas Shooting the Dezinformatsiya Treatment

Terror group wants Americans to dismiss police findings while employing propaganda to distort the crime to their benefit.

CBO: Government Runs Out of Borrowing Power in Early March

Faulure to raise the debt limit will "ultimately lead to delays of payments for government activities, a default on the government’s debt obligations, or both."

Cybercriminals, Nation-State Hackers Use LinkedIn for Targeting

Chinese intelligence services have been attempting to extract information and find intelligence sources by creating fake profiles on the networking site.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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