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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today

Understanding the Turkistan Islamic Party: From Global Jihad to Local Anti-Chinese Resistance

Uyghur jihadism has evolved and transformed based on the ideology of ethno-nationalism using the Taliban and HTS as guides.

New Evolving Terrorist Threats Intersect with ‘Oldest Hatred’

The next terror wave has been described as having an emphasis on technology as a driver, and no one ideology dominating over others.

PERSPECTIVE: What Will It Take to Adequately Counter the UAS Threat?

Drones have been found or flown near critical infrastructure, the power grid, bulk oil plants and nuclear power plants.

COLUMN: Turkey and U.S. Relations Are Under the Shadow of Terrorist Attacks Allegedly Linked to Kurdish Groups in Syria

The “controlled terrorist attack” can be defined as violent acts that the government attributes to a perpetrator group with scant evidence.

GAO: Urgent Need for a Cybersecurity Strategy for Offshore Oil and Gas

GAO concluded that “BSEE’s commitment of minimal resources and lack of urgency in addressing cybersecurity risks reflect cybersecurity’s relatively low priority within the bureau.”

COLUMN: 5 Ways to Update Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Policy in an Era of Strategic Risk

Adversarial nation-state actions now threaten U.S. critical infrastructure in an attempt to weaken America’s national and economic security.

How AI Can Enhance Critical Infrastructure Security

As we celebrate Infrastructure Security Month, we explore how AI can enhance the monitoring of physical security systems and give back valuable time to infrastructure security professionals.

A Safer Nation Through Collaboration and Innovation: 2022 Homeland Security Today Awards

From training the workforce and equipping them with what they need to bolstering preparedness, this year's awardees exemplify excellence.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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