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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today

Mayorkas: Controversial Board Intended to Protect Speech While Addressing Disinformation’s ‘Connectivity to Violence’

Homeland Security secretary defends Jankowicz as "eminently qualified" to lead Disinformation Governance Board and said she is "absolutely" neutral.

5 Ways to Better Protect Vulnerable Mass Transit

What was adequate pre-9/11, or even 10 years ago, may no longer be effective. If security hasn’t been updated in recent years, it’s time to take a look with fresh eyes.

Schultz: Infrastructure Resilience, Stable Funding ‘Critically Important’ for Coast Guard to Meet Challenges

MCPOCG Jason Vanderhaden said the challenge that concerns him most is the USCG's "ability to recruit and retain the workforce needed."

Leading with Character: The Meaning of Success

Good leaders are servant leaders who help each individual discover, and achieve, his or her version of success.

Log4Shell Ranked Top Exploited Vulnerability of 2021 by Agencies

Exploitation of older vulnerabilities "demonstrates the continued risk to organizations that fail to patch software."

National Action Plan Seeks New Powers to Protect Against the Drone Threat

The Plan will set ground rules for the expanding uses of UAS and improve defenses against the exploitation of the technology for inappropriate or dangerous purposes.

With New Leader, ISIS Supporters Urged to ‘Roll Up Your Sleeves’ and Start ‘Plucking Heads’

"If you lack weapons, then pick up kitchen knives, daggers and home-based poisons, they should be sufficient for you," ISIS magazine states.

GAO Tells DHS to Reassess Acquisition Strategy for Radiation Detection Systems

The advice follows a review which found replacement monitors have been delayed by more than three years, and those being tested have higher nuisance alarm rates than monitors currently in use at ports.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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