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FBI Offers $30,000 Reward for Help Catching ‘Black Hat Bandits’

The FBI is offering a $30,000 reward to anyone who can help them catch the so-called "Black Hat Bandits." Read complete report here.

DHS Chief Suggests Term ‘Violent Extremism’ Used at Behest of Muslim Leaders

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Sunday that President Obama’s decision not to say the actions of the Islamic State is a form...

DHS Rushing Amnesty Contracts at ‘Full-Throttle Pace,’ Source Says

A government watchdog says the Obama administration is continuing to award multi-million-dollar contracts to firms to quickly process millions of illegal immigrants, despite a...

President Obama’s Cyber Pitch Misses Mark in Silicon Valley

The Obama administration is stumbling in its cybersecurity message to Silicon Valley, according to tech executives and a former White House official. Read complete report...

Nearly 5,000 Illegal Immigrants Absconded or Committed Crimes under ICE’s Supervision

Although Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) claims few illegal immigrants commit crimes or flee by participating in their alternative to detention program, a recent audit...

Months Later, Hackers Still Inside State Department’s Network

Three months after the Department of State acknowledged that hackers breached its unclassified email system, government cybersecurity investigators still haven’t been able “to evict...

‘Patriot Hackers’ Claim to Fight Cyber War Against Terrorists

There’s a new group of soldiers in the cyber war against terrorism. They operate online, on their own and follow a unique set of...

DHS Stalemate Leaves Local Governments Hanging

If all politics is truly local, the big sleeper in Washington’s fight over the Homeland Security budget could be the city and county agencies...
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Category Template – DHS Homeland Security Today
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