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DHS Cyber Chief: No Evidence of Midterm Election Hacks – So Far

Only 32 states, along with 31 local governments, have sought DHS' most basic level of cybersecurity help, Manfra said; DHS will complete 14 deeper assessments by the end of April.

Man Who Led Coast Guard on False Search-and-Rescue Gets 56-Month Sentence

Intoxicated boater used the International Distress Frequency, VHF Channel 16, to call “man overboard” despite being alone on his boat and knowing no one had fallen in the water.

FBI Explores $30 Billion Move Into Stormy Cloud Market

Bureau seeks system "installed on commercial premises and operated and maintained at the Secret classification level with technology refreshment by the provider as a service."

Global Security a Key Priority in GAO Strategic Plan

Agency also calls out as concern the federal government’s long-term unsustainable fiscal path, and increasingly complex governance relationships and practices.

GAO: Federal Agencies are Missing Opportunities to Share Emergency Preparedness Resources with Colleges

DHS, DOJ and the Department of Education offer a range of emergency preparedness resources to colleges, but GAO found that there was mixed awareness of these resources throughout the colleges they surveyed.

Bronx Man Pleads Guilty to Passport Fraud in Support of ISIS

Alimehmeti would tell an undercover officer that he really wanted a passport free of rejection stamps so he could easily travel to the Islamic State.

Six-Month Window to Spend Budget Bonanza Might Super-Size September Spree

Army chief of staff: "We don't get the same type of rigor we would like to get if we had it sooner."

Report Proposes Framework to Discuss Encryption Debate

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine report suggests some of the questions that need to be asked within a framework before policymakers can even consider the issue properly.
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