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Fired FBI Official Andrew McCabe Wins Retirement Benefits and Back Pay in Settlement

The Justice Department demoted and then dismissed him on the eve of his 50th birthday in March 2018, when his FBI annuity would have vested.

DHS, DOJ Move Forward with Collaborative Strategy to Fight ‘Very Individualized’ Domestic Terror Threat

"Online content, disinformation, false narratives and conspiracy theories" fueling much of the violence today, DHS counterterrorism chief tells Congress.

Maryland Nuclear Engineer and Spouse Arrested on Espionage-Related Charges

Jonathan Toebbe allegedly placed an SD card concealed within half a peanut butter sandwich at a pre-arranged “dead drop” location.

Federal Agencies Release Plans to Fight Climate Risks

On October 7, the White House announced the release of more than 20 Federal Agency Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plans. We take a closer look at those from the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, Justice and State.

New DOJ Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative Will Hold Contractors Accountable for Data Breaches

Review is aimed at developing actionable recommendations to enhance and expand the Justice Department’s efforts against cyber threats.

How the FBI Trains Its Evidence Response Teams

The FBI trains its evidence collection teams to be the best in the world. ERT Basic is where that training begins.

Former Taliban Commander Charged with Killing American Troops in 2008

In October 2020, Najibullah was arrested and extradited from Ukraine to the United States where he remains in federal custody.

Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Assault on Law Enforcement During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Video shows Dickinson picking up a large bucket filled with liquid and throwing the liquid and the bucket at law enforcement.
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