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Government Reports and Summaries


GAO: Over $5.6 Billion Obligated to Hurricane Aid in 2017

More than $2 billion has gone toward food, water and shelter, while about $3.6 billion has been obligated to services such as power restoration.

OIG Says FEMA Has ‘Misled’ About IT Management Improvements

OIG found that many of its recommendations remain unresolved, and are having an adverse impact on the agency's day-to-day operations.

GAO: Military Needs to Take Steps to Address Physician Shortage

While most university-enrolled and scholarship medical students met the minimum academic acceptance criteria, the services and university are not consistently tracking performance data.

GAO: CBP and ICE Could Improve Efforts to Address Risks in Counterfeit Goods Market

GAO purchased 47 items from third-party sellers, including cosmetics, travel mugs and phone chargers, on popular consumer websites, and found that 20 of them were counterfeit when tested.

GAO: National 911 Program Should Step Up Efforts to Assist States

Some of the challenges that states identified in limiting their adoption of the program include funding, evolving technology and operations, and governance.

DHS Not Misusing Government Aircraft, Says OIG

OIG conducted an executive travel review on DHS, due to heightened interest in the potential misuse of government-owned and leased aircraft.

Global Security a Key Priority in GAO Strategic Plan

Agency also calls out as concern the federal government’s long-term unsustainable fiscal path, and increasingly complex governance relationships and practices.

GAO: Federal Agencies are Missing Opportunities to Share Emergency Preparedness Resources with Colleges

DHS, DOJ and the Department of Education offer a range of emergency preparedness resources to colleges, but GAO found that there was mixed awareness of these resources throughout the colleges they surveyed.
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