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IARPA Launches Program to Build 3-D Models from Satellite Imagery

The agency wants to build libraries of models of objects like buildings, roads, walls or dams to help with mission planning.

Cyber Challenges ‘Going to Get Much, Much Worse,’ NSA Director Warns

Intelligence leaders express concern about "less sophisticated" parts of private sector in "race for technological superiority."

Intelligence Museum Planned for Loudoun County

Plans for a museum that celebrates the efforts of American heroes that served in intelligence and special operations have been revealed. The National Museum of Intelligence...

Skin Color, Gender Confound Face Recognition Software, Adding to Controversy Over Federal Use

DHS agencies have been testing face-scanning technology on departing passengers at airports in Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, New York City, Houston, and Washington, D.C.

Tillerson Plan Would Form New Bureau for Cyber Diplomacy on Security

Royce received Tillerson's proposal during a House hearing on how to reform cyber ops in an era of growing threats.

9/11 ‘Still the Reason We’re in Afghanistan’ and Linchpin of Strategy, DoD Official Tells Senators

Taliban pulling in strong funding from opium production, and if they regain control of the country "we would very likely see the same platform for that global reach of terrorists."

Trump Creates Multi-Agency National Vetting Center for Entry Into U.S.

Coordinating intelligence and law enforcement information will improve identification of "terrorists, criminals, and other nefarious actors trying to enter and remain," says White House.

Crisis-Driven Policies and Technology Choices May Erode Cyber-Resilience

Report recommends governments make cyber policy using an ongoing iterative process in place of one that is "ad hoc and crisis-driven" and produces "patchwork legislation.”
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